Malin Ellisdotter Hellesø: I’m a Part of You

Malin E Helleso I'm a Part of You 2015

© Malin Ellisdotter Hellesø 2015
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Belinda Broughton: Self as R R Hood

Belinda Broughton self-as-rr-hood
Me at a fancy dress party, age 5. Really. Not the trees, of course. Actually behind me was the wall of the local hall, complete with a picture of the queen. I gave myself these very menacing woods. But this the actual expression is on my face in the photo. I was looking for the ‘birdie’! There were so few cameras around in those days, I thought there must be a cuckoo-clock type of contraption on cameras. As an undiagnosed myopic, I was used to squinting to try see things that other people could see but I couldn’t.

image and text © Belinda Broughton
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