Benoît Beaudry: Cambellton: Emptiness

© Benoît Beaudry 2014
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John Nooney: HIV Meds

Little pills of life
That kill the little death
Floating around inside of me.

I hate them.
I need them.

They take away the quality of my life
While giving me quantity of life.

They keep me healthy.
They make me sick.

They are the eternal balance:
Good and Evil
Right and Wrong
Life and Death.

© John Nooney 2014
blog: Johnbalaya

Benoît Beaudry: How to Make Music Out of Life and Death

benoit-beaudry-at-the-window 2014

At my window, I can see life and death

Life; when I look far away

Death; if I look too close (to my nose)

Or vice-versa

I don’t like to look through a window too often

It reminds me too much of one of the panes of a glass cage

Breaking them is more fun

For under a second, there’s this beautiful cloud

I don’t breathe anymore

I watch with my eyes half-closed

It’s neither life nor death

Only a magical suspension flash

Similar to an orgasm

And after the glass dust has settled

I breathe again and it’s calm

I can hear a fly at a good distance;

One that has not yet succumbed to an honey trap

Then, after a short refractory period, I can also crush the bigger pieces left on the ground

That’s how I compose music out of life and death


© Benoît Beaudry 2014
blog: Benoît Beaudry
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