Malin Ellisdotter Hellesø: Us II

Malin E Helleso Us II october-9-2015

© Malin Ellisdotter Hellesø 2015
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Sarah Elizabeth Laing: Self Portrait with Cat Biscuits

Sarah Elizabeth Laing Self Portrait with Cat Biscuits 2014

I was given a little notebook last week and I thought that maybe I would do a self-portrait series, since I don’t work in an office, and nobody gets to see my outfit. I am particularly pleased with my new necklace I’ve been sent from Mali (via Belgium) and I’m enjoying my new boots, which are like my 1991 docs only they haven’t gouged a pit in my foot. Around my feet are cat biscuits – I asked Violet to feed the cat and she flung them like confetti. Next to me is the flower arrangement she made, picking the daffodils and magnolia that have bloomed at the promise of spring, and adding a stretch-marked balloon for extra pinkness.

© Sarah Elizabeth Laing 2014
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