Belinda Broughton: Self Portrait with Thoughts

Belinda Broughton self-portrait-with-thoughts
© Belinda Broughton
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Tony Single: Identity

Tony Single Identiy 2016 =
i wake up one morning and say, “shit. this is what i look like.”

i know something then. something about myself. perhaps i always have.

i know i’m not what i could be if i dared not to care what others thought of me.

i know that my fundamentals will remain stashed in my slacks for the rest of my days. i know i’m ashamed of them. that i’d be locked away for indecent exposure if ever i showed them.

sighing feels like too much effort.

i stop looking in the mirror for fear of losing myself.

First published on Hijacked Amygdala
image and text © Tony Single 2016

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Leanne Kiddo Rivers: Face the Page

Leanne Kiddo Rivers Face the Page + 2015

The loneliness of screenwriting…and rewriting and rewriting.

Despair and joy in equal measure. Self loathing by the bucket load.

Mastery of the craft, mastery of self. Like the chicken and the egg, I’m not sure which comes first.

But I will find out.

image and text © Leanne Kiddo Rivers
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mememe2u: Always Trust your Instincts

mememe2u always trust your instincts
Today, for most of the day, I felt like curling into a ball and weeping softly.

I didn’t.





I wept softly while sitting at my desk. I groaned gently too.
And I may also have stifled a few sobs.

More of the same tomorrow I’d expect.

Will this week ever end?

image and text © mememe2u 2015
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