Definitions of ‘self’ abound, and clash and overlap in various fields: psychology, science, religion, philosophy. There is also some disagreement as to what a ‘self portrait’ is.

For the purposes of this blog I am using the broadest possible definition of “self portrait”:  regardless of medium, a piece is a self portrait if, by its author,  it is considered representative of themselves, or of a part of themselves, and/but also those images where the author considers themself a model. 

I’m personally thrilled that people are happy to share their work here.

Big thanks to all the contributors.

P.S. ‘selfie’ is a dirty word.

Ashley Lily Scarlett
Syncopated Eyeball


80 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m very honored to be one of the participants here – thank you so much Ashley. It looks great and I look forward to seeing how this develops.

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  3. That’s nice, of course I would love to join in! All these self-portraits correspond to different phases of my life. They record how I changed through time, with the external appearance strongly shaping (or being shaped by) my personality. Hence the title “Le Voyage” (referring to my personal journey) and “Lost Identity”, which is perhaps where I see myself aesthetically now, with that feeling of having actually lost myself throughout these changes. One of my favourite is the image of the Jester (or Fool), wearing a mask, it is my recently discovered, wished for new identity: the fool can be anyone, she/he takes life easy and make people laugh and think whenever she/he can…

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  9. Self is this huge street that you can drive in any direction, stop on a dime and turn again. The mind is yet another intricate part of this vehicle that drives you throught the twists and turns . The Self is the ” GPS” of your being.

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  13. I’m really enjoying the blog and some of the images are great – not that the others aren’t; just that some work better for me than others. But great blog. Looks nice, well laid out.

    • Thank you. I obviously (I think) have a personal bias but I aim for a diversity of style and content. Thanks especially for commenting on the lay out – I spent weeks working on it before I launched the blog. :)

  14. This is great. Nice to know lots of people in the world see beyond the unnecessary boundaries created by humans. Working together so much can be done.Same idea at international friendship blogging forum. Bravo!

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