Wild / Sydney: Untitled Self Portrait #62

Processed with VSCO with acg preset

Something happened the other night that upset me in a bad way. I hadn’t lost my sense of peace like that in so long. I had completely turned from the person I was just a few years ago: lonely, a closet depressive and plagued with anxiety, but something set me back if only for a moment. I shook myself out of it and refused to let that take hold of me again. Since realizing the expressive power in self-portraiture as an art, I was able to channel all that anger and sadness into my camera in a way I was never able to do with my paint brushes. So I looked into the lens and I started crying. I was so angry I started crying.

image and text © Wild 2015
blog: My Surrounding


11 thoughts on “Wild / Sydney: Untitled Self Portrait #62

    • Words can be so powerful to though. I started as a creative writing major and it’s just so introspective. You can reveal just as much, if not more. It’s a really beautiful thing.

  1. Yes very much a powerful image that has been combined with text to explore the boundaries of the emotional self and the boundaries of image and words.

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