Jennifer Sharpe / Odilonvert: What is it?

Odilonvert What is it 2015 +
Pondering my cyber self.

It’s not all-defining. It’s a publication. A work of truth and fiction.

I am still evolving. Zeros and Ones hardly begin to touch me.

All the chatter on social networks is publications in performance.

I will be in control of mine. That is all I can ever be “in control” of.

Mind pretends to be king, in the world of technology too. That is a funny joke indeed.

All you need to understand you is within you. Let others figure themselves out. You give them that space, and protect your own.

Including your own in cyberspace.

image and text © Jennifer Sharpe / Odilonvert 2015
blog: Odilonvert


8 thoughts on “Jennifer Sharpe / Odilonvert: What is it?

      • ..that as you wrote about “performances,” we dance here in this digi- cyber- cyborg-ish world, as if it is real, practicing all kinds of ideas and feelings and exchanges, and that the “pass” into it is to genuinely engage the performance, which, strangely, can, in its as-ifness, become even more than the chatter and palaver and ordinary chit chat in our other lives “as we know them.”

          • gotcha. i’ll go back and check her out. the curator, after all, sets up the show, juxtaposes this piece of art with that to lead toward some uncertain or improbably meaning, an art in itself all depend on. :)

          • Thanks, Egbert. It’s quite hard work doing this blog – it takes up a lot of time. But I find self portraits, the way people present themselves, extremely interesting. Otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it. :D

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