Jennifer Sharpe / Odilonvert: Tipped into Irrelevance

Odilonvert Tipped into Irrelevance 2014

You drew me to you.

Then you threw me to the side.

I feel that if you never came back

In fact, don’t come back

Stay away

I hate you.

© Jennifer Sharpe / Odilonvert 2014
blog: Odilonvert


9 thoughts on “Jennifer Sharpe / Odilonvert: Tipped into Irrelevance

    • I’m too sensitive. That’s why this poem is fabulous, to me. I will quote this,
      ‘Through these changing days
      we search for the light
      It’s then our love will
      guide us over the ocean
      When the world seems cold,
      or jaded, I look to you

      And the whole wide world is new.’

      I also know, so quickly, if turned on I turn away.
      And then the whole wide world is clear….

      • I’ve been called ‘too’ sensitive many times. It used to upset me (yes, yes) but now it just annoys me. Not until I was in my late forties did someone say to me – oh, you’re so sensitive, it’s a gift but a double-edged sword.
        It was such a relief to hear someone say that as a positive thing.

        • I’m trying to learn to not be annoyed or upset. I have my own guiding light in that search from someone close to me. She taught me through her sensitivities, depths of emotions that produce a person not quite able to adequately provide for herself that the gift of her sensitivity that causes her so much trouble also pushes her to love deeply and express. It was in there I saw the double-edged sword I think I understood conceptually but could not fathom, or feel, entirely. It was an important lesson. I’m learning I’ll abide by my gift, follow my heart and intuition, and let the pangs of hurt I feel, often, guide me towards a light.

          It’s a healing process, truthfully.

          • I think being sensitive gives greater access to seeing beauty in the world. And yes, the misery too, but I love the treasures that my eyes show me. :) I’ve come to the grand conclusion that anyone who tells me ‘too’ can just bugger off. :)

    • Ashley – thank you for sharing. And yes, there is something so extreme in this post that it can switch into something like a mask, and you find yourself alienated by it.

      Reading this outside of the context of my site is interesting for me because it highlights something about me that is a constant. “Too sensitive” is a phrase I don’t like to use as it assumes that there is a standard of sensitivity that must apply to all people, which is like saying “too brown” for hair. But perhaps a depth and intensity of feeling which is momentarily revealed then put away in an act of futility, as the cause for it is perceived as not having been worth that intensity.

      Or, whatever. :)

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