Melodie Miu: Self Portrait

Melodie Miu self portrait 2015
© Melodie Miu 2015
blog: Melodie Miu


9 thoughts on “Melodie Miu: Self Portrait

      • Yes. I couldn’t get a cheap enough moon cake for myself (did not want to pay $32 to have four shipped for myself); so I bought a special cake of my own from the local bakery and cut it like a moon to eat in “phases” during the eclipse. I just wish I had someone to share the time with and maybe light a few lanterns. In recent years, I’ve lit one alone.

    • Who do you want to explain the moon cakes? Her or me? They are easy to learn about with a quick online search. There seems to be quite a variety though most contain either a bean or lotus paste, which, to some, may not sound very tasty, but they are okay. Kind of sweet little, waxy cakes shaped in special molds with a sort of “egg yolk” in the center. They are festive food for the autumn harvest moon festival. I have read up on the folk story of the rabbit that was chased by a princess to the moon where she tried to steal the rabbit’s potion for eternal youth. The cakes, I have heard, are supposed to sort of represent what the rabbit was making, sharing the potion for eternal youth, a token of good wishes for the next season like a New Year’s toast or Thanksgiving dinner.

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