Madison Henderson: Self Portrait

Madison Henderson Self Portrait 2015
© Madison Henderson 2015
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Brianna Dawn: Vertebra

If I were to draw my anatomy on paper
I would need a pencil, paint, and lighter
No erasers, I’ll keep it real
First I’d burn the paper around the edges and
Rip it in half — then, on one piece
Sketch a ribcage bent open by the hands of anxiety
The shadows of crows swinging across my intestines in knots
On the other portion, paint some more pieces of me, like my
Brain hollowed out by boredom with dust bunnies nesting in corners
Nervousness hiking up each vertebra as it plays Jenga with my spine
Pulling them out I’m slouching, bent over, tumbling,
Eyes slipping
I flip the paper over, ashamed,
Knowing that my anatomy needs mending
I’m the only one to blame

© Brianna Dawn
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