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Belinda Broughton: Self and Shadow Self

belinda-broughton-self-and-shadow-self + text


The me I catch
in a sudden view
from a shop window
is not the me
I think I am

This person has
hunched shoulders
stiff hips
a protruding paunch
of fat

and as I watch
she straightens her back
lifts her head
and sets a smile
amongst her wrinkles

the me I think I am
is twenty years old
my hair is dark
and my body is painless

I do not tangle my thoughts
with shoulds and cant’s
maybes and definitelys
and therefore I do not need
to rearrange my face

I can run as if my body is not earthbound
I can put my feet behind my ears
I can turn the heads of men
and I really can’t imagine
getting old

image and text © Belinda Broughton
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