Alan McKerl: Self Portrait in Bathroom Mirror

Alan McKerl Self Portrait in Bathroom

© Alan McKerl 2014
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11 thoughts on “Alan McKerl: Self Portrait in Bathroom Mirror

  1. I read this article in a daily Norwegian newspaper about how not to shoot self-portraits for profile pictures in social media. One of the points in the article was that you were not supposed to show that you were in the bathroom (you shouldn’t show any tiles or bathroom articles like towels in self-portraits). I think that this self-portrait proves how ridiculous that article was and how idiotic it is when newspapers use “experts on social media” as witnesses of truth.

    • Apparently a child learns the word No before Yes…how not to shoot seems a negative statement to me…if the rules are not broken we tread the same water…my friend says no rules ;))

    • Presenting information on any medium platform involves context and target audience. Sounds like that advice was aimed at a particular type of profile picture – very simplistic approach social media.

      This is an excellent composition. Totally appropriate in presenting the photographer’s skills and aesthetic range/depth. :)

      Might not be as good a profile picture for a plumber or butcher – unless they were emphasizing their avant garde personal approach. :D

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    • Mona…this was taken in May last year…I was engaged on a project and the absorbition of the work filled with happiness…in that state of happiness I felt less inhibited…and possibly quite creative…a letting go ;))

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