Benoît Beaudry: Cambellton: Emptiness

© Benoît Beaudry 2014
blog: Benoît Beaudry
Vimeo: here


4 thoughts on “Benoît Beaudry: Cambellton: Emptiness

  1. Thank you so much, again, Ashley!!! A pleasant surprise today! And I needed some.

    …and where I live, the winter don’t want to end this year! It’s just mad how there is such a crazy amount of snow everywhere… and icy colds with no signs of spring at all! So, anything that can bring a bit of warmth is sure a good thing! Merci beaucoup et au revoir! …and I hope you’re going well, also. :)))


    • I’m glad to brighten your day, Ben.
      I’m not too bad. I’ve been so busy organising my trip to England that there’s not been much space in my head for actual grieving for my father. Nevertheless my head is all over the place -. feelings changing rapidly from one thing to another. Grief is such a strange thing.

  2. I was looking at life thought your eye’s
    What did I see
    But images of your world waiting
    To be seen
    Oh in distant lands
    I wonder how l
    Could live
    I was looking at
    Life thought your eye’s
    Now I can see

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