Wolfie: Chalk and Cheese Circle

J Wolf Chalk and Cheese Circle 2014

A couple of months ago, in the aftermath of Mum’s death, my sister wanted to get the stuff that belonged to her out of my Mum’s storeroom and couriered to her in Melbourne. That morning I went to meet the courier, I thought it would be a fit document of the tragedy that had occurred between us to take a photo of the last time we would share space together in any form. The photos within the photo were taken at the same time, circa 1963ish when I was 1 year old and she would have been 18. The concrete bunker that was my Mum’s garage served as the perfect backdrop. I quickly took the shot while the courier loaded up the rest of her stuff and when I finished, her photo was loaded on the truck with everything else bound for Melbourne.

The title Chalk and Cheese Circle just flew into my head one day and took hostage. People, including my sister had always described us as different as chalk and cheese and I remembered there was a play called Chalk Circle. I like that the circle speaks of continuum and wholeness and that somehow, each could carry a dollop of truth belonging to the other. I then looked up Chalk Circle and the relevance of the story took my breath away;


© Wolfie 2014
vimeo: here


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